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PHOTO Scanning

We can scan UP TO 8x10 photos. However, the number of photos estimated to fit in the bulk boxes is based on 4x6 photos. So you will be able to fit less photos in the box if they are larger than this size.

If you want to send us 8x10 photos, you will need to chose a photo scanning package of at least 750 photos so that they fit in the box!

YES! If you want to organize your photos into groups for easier searching on the cloud and your flash drive, please place your photos in the plastic bags that we send you. There is a minimum of 30 photos per group!

You can WRITE a name/event for each group on the plastic bag label. We will sort those photos into separate groups under that name on your USB Flash Drive and the photo storage CLOUD drive.

We will return the photos to you in the bags but not necessarily in the exact order.

If you chose our BULK option, we cannot accept photo albums.

However, if you are in the local Raleigh/Durham area, we do offer this service to you. We only require that you use our PICK UP service. There is a $0.15 charge per photo that we take out of an album, scan and replace back into the album.

We will automatically scan your photos at 600dpi. This size allows you to reprint or enlarge up to TWICE the size of the photo without losing photo quality.

If you are interested in enlarging your photos by more than twice their size, we suggest that you chose our PREMIUM scanning option (1200dpi). Currently, we only offer this option to our local customers in the Raleigh/Durham area.


We will have most photo orders scanned within 3 weeks! Please allow up to 4-6 weeks when we are busy.

You can also pay for an EXPEDIATED guaranteed turnaround time of 2 weeks (from when we receive the photos in our office). This is an additional $19.00 per order.

YES! That is a great way to save on the processing time. You will get your order 4-5 days sooner if you mail your photos to us.

You can go to USPS and request a FREE Priority Mail box. We will email you a PREPAID shipping label for the box.

For orders of 100 or 200 photos, please use a USPS SMALL Priority Mail Box. The box will be half full if you chose the 100 photo option.

For orders of 750 or 1500 photos, please use a USPS MEDIUM Priority Mail Box. Please only fill the box half full for the 750 photo scanning option.

Finally, for larger orders of 2,500 or 5,000 photos, you can request a USPS LARGE Priority Mail Box. Again, please fill the box half way for the 2,500 photo scanning option!

Once you pay for your order, you have 1 YEAR to return the box with photos or contact us to make an appointment for pickup if local. After this time, we cannot guarantee that we will fulfill your order.

No worries! We will upgrade your order and send you the box for the correct size so that your photos will fit.

Send us at email at so that we can change your order for you!

YES...we will send your photos back to you via USPS Priority Insured Mail or drop off them off at your home/office in the Raleigh/Durham area.

If you live in the Raleigh/Durham area, you have the option of our bulk scanning OR our per photo scanning option.

With either option, we will pickup your photos for FREE from your home or office. There is a $30 minimum order if you choose the per photo scanning option.

You can also chose to MAIL your photos using the bulk mailing option if you prefer to not have direct contact.

The ONLY people will see your photos is the scanning technician and the quality control employee who review your scanned photos.

In addition, your CLOUD photos are password encrypted so they can only be seen by you.

We offer several additional items/services for you including:

  • 2 week expedited processing for $19.00
  • Additional USB Flash Drives for $9.00
  • Premium scanning (1200 dpi - for local customers only) for $.10 per photo
  • Photos removed from photo albums (for local customers only) for $.15 per photo.

You can also check out our PHOTO SWAG for purchase in our photo storing CLOUD service. These products make GREAT gifts for family and friends!

USB Flash drive/CLOUD

YES! We offer additional USB Flash Drives of your photos for only $9 per drive!

We will mail you a FREE USB Flash Drive as well as a shareable link and password for our photo storage CLOUD site.

If you choose the 5,000 photo scanning option, you will receive your photos on 2 USB Flash Drives.

We will put ALL of your photos on the USB Flash Drive. This includes unedited, edited and the back scans of photos.

In addition, if you sent us your photos sorted into stacks, we will have those photos in SEPARATE FOLDERS on the flash drive.

On the CLOUD, we will ONLY have the edited photos. These will be the best quality photos for you to view and share with others!

Of Course! We offer the first year FREE for you so that you can share your photos with family and friends.

If you want to leave the photos on our CLOUD drive, we offer this option for only $9.99 per year (renewable automatically each year). You can cancel this feature at anytime.


We work really hard to make sure this doesn't happen! But, if you are not satisfied with your photos, please contact us.

If we can't fix your issue, then our refund policy is as follow:

  • You can receive 100% of your purchase back as store credit; OR
  • You can have your purchase refunded less a $25 fee for every 2,500 photos scanned.
  • For example, if you can 5,000 photos, then we will refund your entire purchase less a $50 ($25x2) fee to cover shipping and thumb drive costs.
  • We will also remove your photos from our CLOUD drive if we refund your order.

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